12-piece set of PP handguards, stainless steel biscuit cutter, bento decoration, melon and vegetable cutter, kitchen flower cutting tool

color: green
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Product name: 12 sets of fruit and vegetable embossing mould

Application: butterfly noodles, biscuits, fondant

Material: Stainless steel

Large size: 6cm*4cm

Small size: 4.2cm*2.5cm

surface polishing treatment, bright as mirror material, safe, soild and durable

Removable hand guard cover design: easy to disassemble and clean

ABS pressing cover design: smooth and round, easy to press and avoid accidental injury

Gradual sharp incision: The incision is gradually thinned, which makes it easy to cut beautiful shapes without leaving burrs
Cute and exquisite, easy to use

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