Blackout Thermal Grommet Curtain Panels (Set of 2)

Color: Khaki
Size: 52" W * 59" L
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Pattern: pure color

Curtain style: flat curtain

Material: cloth curtain and gauze curtain

Applicable objects: bay window, octagonal window, bay window, other /other flat windows, corner windows, arc windows.

Shading function: Decoration plus full shading

Style: Korean style

Raw material: Polyester

Size: width x height

The price is 2pc.


📌 Product Features:

✔1. I am very shading Carefully selected high-shielding fabric, three-layer woven, with a shading rate of over 90%, meeting most household shading requirements.

✔2. With high quality insulation effect The three-layer woven fabric, the middle layer is a high-density black silk layer, which absorbs the sun's rays and resists the ultraviolet rays, effectively blocking the outdoor high temperature.

✔3. Thicker than the curtains More than 50% of the heat and cold air in the home is lost through the window protection, which helps to create a warm and cool home in winter.

✔4. More soundproof Unique three-layer woven fabric, combined with high density, the sound transmission is blocked, and the effect of preventing high-decibel noise is helpful to improve the quality of sleep. Sound insulation is as high as 20% -46%.

✔5. Environmentally friendly and formaldehyde free Contrast chemical-coated curtains, high-density three-layer woven drapes, zero formaldehyde, no odor, making the home environment more environmentally friendly.

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