Food Preservation Sealing Clip 3 Pcs

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Creative magnetic sealing clip plastic snack bag sealing clip food preservation sealing clip plastic bag moisture-proof clip

Material: Stainless steel+PP+magnet+TRP
Size: L*W*H /1pcs 7.5*3.5*3.8cm
Weight: 1pcs 22g
Pack: 3pcs
Use: Home bag food sealing

  1. Large clamping force, good sealing effect
  2. Dust-proof, moisture-proof, and odor-proof
  3. Wave clip design, seal tighter
  4. Concise and fashionable style, with magnet on the back. Convenient storage, can be adsorbed on the refrigerator without being used to decorate the refrigerator
  5. Can be used as refrigerator message stickers

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