Imitation Silk Light Luxury Pillow Cover

Color: ZS01-1
Size: 45*45(枕套)
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Home is where we relax, and we are often busy at home casually. This is a pillowcase that can be used at home, in the office, and when traveling

Material: Silk
Size: 45*45cm

  • Firm color, strong and wear-resistant
  • Imitation silk material, high-density soft fabric, will not pilling, will not fade, warm and breathable
  • Beautiful appearance and comfortable feel
laundry guide
1. Dry clean, hand wash, or gentle machine wash in low temperature mode, no hot water, no bleaching
2. It needs to be laid flat to dry, do not shake or wring out
3. It can be leveled by stretching by hand, not ironing

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