Kitchen Cleaning Long-handled Pot Washing Brush

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  • Why chose it? This kind of brush will not hurt the pot, and it will also prevent your hands from getting greasy
  • With PET memory brush and high-density sponge brush head, it can easily brush away stubborn stains in the kitchen
  • The PET brush head has good quality, no deformation, no slag, and no softness. The soft sponge brush becomes soft when exposed to water, has good water absorption and does not damage the pot
  • Creative liquid injection bottle design, can store sufficient amount of cleaning liquid, press the liquid out, not hurt your hands
  • Multiple usages of one brush. It can also be used to clean walls, stoves, chopping boards, sinks, etc.
Use space ingeniously to make your home look simple and clean
Color: grey + white
Material: PBT+PC+TPR+PP
Size: brush head 8*5cm, brush hand 24.5cm
Weight: 108g

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