Non-slip and heat-insulating tableware tabletop tea coaster 8-piece set

Color: Black
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Material: Food grade silicone
Size: L*W*H 10*10*0.5cm
Color: Black
Set: 1*8piece
Uses: Used for coasters, placemats, bowl mats and other kitchen utensils, with heat insulation effect

  1. Food grade silicone material: environmentally friendly and healthy, heat-resistant temperature -40℃-260℃.
  2. Flat non-slip design: Will not shake randomly. And silica gel has the characteristics of high toughness, corrosion resistance, non-greasy stains, easy cleaning, etc, and is durable.
  3. Heat insulation and scalding prevention: 5mm thickness, effective heat insulation, no damage to the desktop.
  4. Note: Prohibition of cutting props and contact with open flames.

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