Reusable Chopsticks Japanese Natural Wooden Classic Style 5 Pairs

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Size: Chopsticks length 22.5cm
Material: wood
Packing: 5 pairs of gifts
Weight: 12.6g/pair
Features: The surface of the chopsticks is made of natural raw materials, advanced heat transfer technology, non-fading, wear-resistant, to ensure that the product is healthy to the human body, and resistant to temperature and deformation
  • Natural material, environmental protection and health, high temperature resistance, not easy to mold
  • High quality environmental protection, health, one of the row meterials of bamboo product refined but become
  • Each a pair of chopsticks after fine grinding, antibacterial treatment, smooth like jade.
  • Simple retri fish type of the lacquer that bake, and eating life more unique taste.
  • Through high temperature carbonization and pressure processing, has the character of wear-resisting.
  • Accord with human body by mechanical shaking hands,lighter is convenient, when picking up is not easy to slide.
Regarding the color: due to the difference between the shooting environment and the external environment, a slight color difference may be caused, so those who mind should buy carefully.
1. Bamboo and wood products are different from ordinary tableware. They are grown from the ground, with a strong hospitality, allowing you to experience the fun of enjoying food more deeply! Each bamboo and wood product is taken from different parts of the wood tree and is artificially polished. The bamboo wood grain, color, weight, and specifications are slightly different. Because of this, each bamboo and wood product is a unique artwork. Please love it with your heart Tolerance!
2. The first time you use bamboo and wooden utensils, you can use the ozone layer of the disinfection cabinet to disinfect. For non-ozone disinfection, you can soak in warm salt water for about 1 hour, and then place it in a ventilated and dry place after normal cleaning. Please note that you cannot use any high-temperature electrical appliances such as disinfection cabinets, microwave ovens, etc., and cannot be placed next to a heater, cannot be exposed to the sun, or boiled.

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