Reusable Silicone Straw Set of 6 Pieces

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Food grade reusable silicone straw set, soft and foldable children’s soup and juice soda tool.

Material: Silicone
Product: Silicone straw
Specifications: Length 23.5cm, inner diameter 0.5cm, outer diameter 0.8cm
Net weight: straw: 7g/piece, 62g/set
Heat resistance: -20℃-230℃
Packing: 1*6straw+tube brush
Color: Macaron (yellow, pink, blue, green, purple, gray)
Uses: For liquid, liquid food

  1. Food-grade silica gel: can directly contact food, high temperature work does not release toxic substances, environmental protection can be recycled.
  2. Cold, heat and corrosion resistant: Can be cooked in boiling water, high temperature disinfection.
  3. Variety of colors: match various scenes as you like to meet different preferences. Color distinction is more hygienic.
  4. Strong flexibility, portable folding: folding without deformation, easy to carry.
  5. Can be cut: according to different cup types can be cut at will.
  6. Free long-handled soft brush for flanging cleaning.

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