Silicone Kitchenware 4-piece Non-stick Cookware Food Grade High Temperature Resistant

Color: C
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Material: Food grade silicone
Color: Black
Weight: A 411g, B 416g, C 510g, D 524g
Heat resistance: 230℃
Specifications: A (large round drain shovel + oblique drain shovel + middle shovel), B (large round drain shovel + large shovel + medium shovel), C (large round drain shovel + oblique drain shovel + medium shovel + food tongs), D (large round drain shovel) Shovel+large shovel+medium shovel+food tongs)

  1. It is resistant to high temperature of 230℃ and does not melt. Cooking at high temperature has no peculiar smell and does not contain BPA.
  2. Safe material, rest assured to use.
  3. Ultra-thin design, easy to fry.
  4. High elastic handle, flexible operation.
  5. Easy to clean, no dirt.
  6. Soft not to damage the layer, special for non-stick pan.

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