Six-sided Rhombus Pen Holder, Golden Vase, Stainless Steel Metal Table Top Decoration

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Classic Nordic style design, the hexagonal diamond shape is small and slender, rich in texture and more three-dimensional. It is a versatile appliance for modern spaces. There are also many ways to use this polygonal pen holder. The stationery control can be used as a pen holder, and the beauty control can be placed with delicate makeup brushes and other beauty tools; those who love floral art can also be used as a small vase with a few fresh flowers and dried flowers to decorate the space, showing elegance. The surface feels smooth and delicate, leaving a little fingerprints, just wipe it off.

[Name] Hexagon pen holder|Hexagon pen holder|Vase
[Style] Nordic simple style
[Material] 430 high-grade stainless steel
[Weight] About 198g
[Packaging] Bubble bag + white neutral paper box
[Size] Height 105mm, corner to corner 64mm, side to side 55mm
[Process] One-piece press forming + gold plating
[Use] Pen holders, vases, storage boxes, ornaments, etc.


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