Stainless Steel Double-ended Chopping Salad Chopper

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Product name: stainless steel vegetable cut

Size: 15*10*4.5cm

Material: stainless steel 430

Weight: 275g

Usage: cut vegetables, salads, etc.

Accessories: a pair of rubber blades

  • This double-ended chopper offers maximum versatility for cutting vegetables quickly and efficiently, facilitating simple salad preparation.
  • Achieve uniform slicing and dicing with this device, thanks to its ability to efficiently provide even cutting.
  • The sharp blade effectively reduces the squeeze of fruits and vegetables and can easily cut fruits and vegetables.
  • Comes with rubber blade guard, which can not only protect the blade, but also avoid hand injury.
  • Ready-to-stand design. Cut vegetables can be placed upright on the table, avoiding contact with the tabletop. Clean and hygienic, easy to use.

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