Summer Ice Silk Sunscreen Face Mask Full Face Female Frontal Neck UV Mask Removable Brim Face Kini

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 Ice Silk Cooling UV 50+ Mask Shawl Sun Protection Face Neck Shoulder Cover for Outdoor Activities in Summer.


  • High UV Protection: The breathable cooling face cover gaiter cuts over 99% UVA/UVB radiation, protects you from sun,dust,wind.What’s more,the face cover is enough Long to cover your neck,keeps you cool and dry in the hot sun.
  • Great for Outdoor Activities: The breathable washable cooling neck gaiter face cover mask is a perfect accessory for outdoor sports and daily lives,such as running,jogging,walking,hiking,cycling,motorcycling, hunting,fishing,gardening,etc.With a nose spacing,let you feel more free and more breathable.
  • Soft,Cooling,Breathable Material: Made by soft,breathable,lightweight&cooling ice silk fabric which is cool to your face is hot weather.This fabric is easy to breath,quick dry,makes you feel cool when in summer weather and any other outdoor sports.
  • Full face protection in one piece: 360° no dead angle sun protection, effectively protect the face, neck, shoulders of the skin from the sun
  • Detachable brim Muiti-scene sun protection: Brim and button closure at the corner of the eye, One piece for both purposes.
  • Oversized wide-angle brim for eye protection: Accurately calculated angles, eye-protecting colleagues do not block the line of sight
  • Accurately calculated angles, eye-protecting colleagues do not block the line of sight.

Product Details

Weight: 61g

Fabric: Ice silk fabric with hyaluronic acid added

Face width: 25.3cm

Height: 37cm

Wide hem: 54.8cm

Wash instructions

  • Hand washing is recommended
  • Do not bleach
  • Hang in the shade to dry
  • Ironing is not permitted
  • Dry cleaning is not permitted

1 Do not soak, do not mix, so as not to appear fading, cross-staining phenomenon;
2. In order to avoid hooking and damage, it is forbidden to use sharp objects to scratch or violently pull;
3. In order to avoid destroying the functional effect, it is forbidden to use functional detergents such as disinfectant and bleach;
4. After the product is removed from the packaging, there are slight creases and odors, which are normal phenomena, and will disappear naturally after using and placing for a period of time;
5. With long-term use and in case of stretch or moisture, the protection provided by the product may be reduced.


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